Over the years Rakesh Dhar has traveled to a number of locations both domestic and abroad. Rakesh believes that travel enriches life and broadens one’s horizon. To really understand a different culture, there is no substitute for visiting the country and interacting with the locals. Every trip that Rakesh has been on has given him numerous unforgettable memories. The best memories are probably the ones related to his children. Getting to watch them enjoy themselves and learn about different cultures truly fills Rakesh with joy.

When it comes to domestic travel, Rakesh Dhar’s favorite destinations include Maine, Vermont, New York, and Puerto Rico. Internationally, his favorite destinations include St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Haiti, the Bahamas, Cancun, France, India, Tibet, and Singapore. Even though Rakesh has been on numerous trips, there are still many places he hopes to visit. One day he hopes to travel to Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Scotland, Ireland, Bhutan, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

If Rakesh has a travel philosophy, it can be summed up as have fun and enjoy yourself. While traveling is usually fun and adventure-filled, it does require some planning to ensure a good trip. Before making international travel plans and arrangements, Rakesh always checks the medical requirements concerning vaccinations, antibiotics, and other relevant medical information. It is also helpful to connect with a local contact who can help you plan the trip. Rakesh believes that it’s important to be respectful of other cultures when traveling, so he always takes the time to learn about key customs and cultural nuances while planning a trip.

Rakesh Dhar rarely travels without his family. On each trip, Rakesh enjoys listening to what his children have to say about the destination. Their level of perception never fails to surprise him. While traveling is always an eye-opening experience, traveling with children and listening to how they experience the trip is truly eye-opening.

Professional Overview

As a clinician at CNS Multispeciality Clinic, Rakesh Dhar gets the opportunity to help improve others’ lives every day. He specializes in conditions like migraine headaches, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, spinal cord injuries, sports injuries and concussion in addition to many others. Besides working with patients, Rakesh also conducts research that focuses on global patient safety at Merck in the greater Boston area. Rakesh is fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant colleagues who are dedicated to their work and share their insight on how to help patients.